Information for Returning Undergraduate Students

Induction Week Physics Department Contact Sessions

– Students progressing from Foundation Year to First Year Physics Programmes

Induction week is an opportunity to get to know the newly-arriving students who will be in your classes for the remaining years of your degree.  We strongly recommend that you attend the induction week events, so that everyone in those future classes benefits from a maximum of cohesion and mutual support available.

– Students new to 2nd, 3rd and 4th Years

Catch-all information sessions: resit results for all years, timetables, questions, year calendar, lab arrangements, transfer advice, and to encourage participation of returning students in Q&A and SUPS Social Event (both happening later on the same day).

Wednesday 19 Sept 2018

  • New to 2nd Year (or was in 1st year resits) [Optional]: 11:30am-12:30pm, FY Lab, Newton Room 172
  • New to 3rd Year [Project Information & Deadlines]: 12:30pm-1:30pm, FY Lab, Newton Room 172
  • New to 4th Year [Project Information & Deadlines]: 1:30pm-2:00pm, FY Lab, Newton Room 172
  • Q&A with Current Students [new & selection of returning students]: 2:45pm-3:00pm, Peel Building Room G10
  • Key Links for New Students to use:

    Registered with the Students’ Union ?
    New students should now be automatically registered with the Union. Try signing in or registering with your university provided email address (the one that ends with
    Salford Students’ Union Sign-In

    If you are a new student, it may take a couple of weeks for you to be added to their system.  You can also register an account on their website as a guest user.  If you have problems registering, please email , letting them know what you’re having problems with, and any error messages that are appearing. They will do their best to solve your problem and get you registered.

    Join the UoSSU Physics group:
    UoSSU Physics group

    Find the SUPS Facebook page:
    SUPS Facebook page

    (d) Online University Registration:

    Registration Portal … if you are ‘running late’