Module – Foundation Mathematics 2

FHEQ Level: Level 3 (Foundation Year)
Credits: 20
Module Code: G100 00015
Course Reference Number (CRN): 52552
Delivery: January Start, Trimester 2 (Short Fat)

Syllabus Outline

• Complex numbers
• Differentiation
• Applications of Differentiation
• Integration
• Sequences and Series


Coursework: Core maths skills 3, 50%
Coursework: Core maths skills 4, 50%
More detailed information may be found in the Assessments section.


​Helm workbooks.

A-level Physics for AQA. Coordination Group Publications Ltd (CGP), 2020

Further updates and supplementary texts may be found in the University Reading Lists system.


​This module concentrates on the basic underlying mathematical skills required in science and engineering. You will develop the mathematical knowledge and the ability to develop the methodologies and modelling skills for real problems. The relationship between the various aspects of this module and their role to scientists and engineers in the workplace will be highlighted.


To become familiar with:

Complex numbers – their manipulation, representation and use
Differentiation – interpretation and techniques
Applications of Differentiation – curves and their key properties
Integration – interpretation and techniques
Sequences and Series – constants, power, Maclaurin and Taylor

Knowledge & Understanding

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

1. Understand and use various methods and techniques in complex numbers.
2. Select and apply appropriate analytical methods to solve engineering problems.
3. Apply differentiation  to problem related to engineering and science.
4. Understand the application of integration in engineering and science.
5. Understand the use of series in the representation of functions in applied problems.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment

The module is delivered by lectures and tutorials.

Tutorial question solutions are carried out with smaller groups of students and additional support is provided with MathScope plus full solutions to all tutorial questions are provided.

Formative tests, which are applied throughout the module, will guide the next steps in instructions and help identify learning needs to ensure success.

Students could apply subjects from the Mathematics modules to directly solve problems from the Physics modules. This is to reflect the increasing focus of A-Level on cross-disciplinary problem solving.

A portfolio of formative tests in combination with set exercises will lead to 2 pieces of summative coursework.