Module – Foundation Physics A

FHEQ Level: Level 3 (Foundation Year)
Credits: 20
Module Code: F300 00015
Course Reference Number (CRN): 50142
Delivery: September Start, Trimesters 1&2 (Long Thin)

Syllabus Outline

Material will be selected from Sections of the main course book:
New A-Level Physics for AQA: Year 1 & 2 Student Book with Online Edition (2018) ISBN: 9781789080483

Semester 1
• Section 4 – Mechanics
• Section 5 – Materials

Semester 2
• Section 8 – Thermal Physics
• Section 3 – Waves


Coursework: Core physics A skills 1, 50%
Coursework: Core physics A skills 2, 50%
More detailed information may be found in the Assessments section.


New A-Level Physics for AQA: Year 1 & 2 Student Book with Online Edition (2018) ISBN: 978178908048

Advanced Level Physics Paperback – 27 Feb 1995 – Michael Nelkon and Philip Parker – Heinemann International Literature & Textbooks; 7th Revised edition (27 Feb. 1995) ISBN-10: 043592303X

Physics, 4th Edition, Palgrave Foundations, Jim Breithaupt (13 Feb. 2015) ISBN-10: 9781137443236

Further updates and supplementary texts may be found in the University Reading Lists system.


​This module concentrates on the underlying physics skills required in science and engineering. To develop knowledge and the ability to develop the methodologies and modelling for real problems The relationship between the various aspects of this module and their role to scientists and engineers in the workplace will be highlighted.


1. We will provide you with a level of knowledge, understanding and competence in basic physics to allow progression onto a technical or scientific degree.
2. You will develop analytical and numerical problem solving skills in basic physics.
3. You will understand the links between different areas of physics.

Knowledge & Understanding

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

1. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the laws of physics and their origins.
2. Demonstrate competence in problem solving using the laws of physics through analytical and numerical means.
3. Demonstrate key analytical and numerical skills.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment

The module is delivered by lectures and tutorials.

46 hours of lectures which are a blend of teacher-centred delivery of important concepts, flipped-classroom and learner-centred delivery for application of concepts in problem solving.

23 hours of problem solving tutorial classes in which students embark on assisted problem solving exercises.

Tutorial question solutions are carried out with smaller groups of students. Students will apply subjects from the Mathematics modules to directly solve problems from the Physics modules. This is to reflect the increasing focus of A-Level on cross-disciplinary problem solving.

Formative tests, which are applied throughout the module, will guide the next steps in instructions and help identify learning needs to ensure success. These will lead to the final summative coursework assessments at the end of each trimester.