Teaching Timetables

Current Course Structure  |  2023/2024 Module Lecturers

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See also Entrance to Maxwell Hall Room  and Floor Plan of the new SEE Building.

Timetables below were downloaded on 9th September 2023.  Please double-check with official timetables (e.g. using the link at the bottom of this page) for any possible changes thereafter.

Foundation Year
Physics with Foundation Year:  sem1    sem2
Mathematics with Foundation Year:  sem1    sem2

First Year
Physics:   sem1    sem2
Electronic Engineering:   sem1    sem2
Acoustical & Audio Engineering:   sem1   sem2

Second Year
Physics:  sem1   sem2

Third Year
Physics:  sem1    sem2

Fourth MPhys Year
Physics:  sem1    sem2

• Physics with Foundation Year follow Physics timetables after foundation year

Official Student Teaching Timetables
Staff Teaching Timetables