Physics Induction Events and Presentations

September 2023 Physics Induction Programmes

This year, Academic Induction runs for one week – starting at 11am on Monday 11th September 2023.

All Foundation and First Year students need to make themselves available from that date. During this time, we will be introducing you to: the teaching team, the modules that you will be studying from the following week, organisational aspects, and each other.

The Induction Programme for Foundation and First Year students will run from Monday 11th September to Thursday 14th September (inclusive). There are alternative arrangements for students entering Second Year and above.

Foundation and First Year students need to be prepared to be present on-campus Monday to Thursday for the periods 10am-12pm and 2-4pm for Physics-based induction events (the Monday and Wednesday sessions start at 11am).

Induction Programmes for Foundation and First Year Students

Physics Induction events are mainly in the new SEE Building, but start in the Chapman Building – which is very close to the SEE Building.  SEE stands for Science, Engineering & Environment (the name of our School). Both of the above buildings, and some others involved in induction week, can be identified in the following schematic map.

◊  Induction Programme for Foundation Year  †

◊  Induction Programme for First Year Physics

† The same Foundation Year induction programme applies for Physics / Mathematics / (Electrical and) Electronic Engineering / Acoustical & Audio Engineering with Foundation Year

◊  Welcome to Physics – Prof Ian Morrison

Programme Information Sessions (Tuesday morning)

◊  Foundation Year Presentation

◊  First Year Presentation

Centrally-organised Induction Events

The University and Students’ Union will be running their own events and activities outside of the above days and times during Induction Week.

◊   University Welcome Events

◊   Students’ Union Welcome Events

Teaching Start (the week after Induction Week)

Main teaching starts on Monday 18 September 2023.  The Physics Department is based in the new SEE Building (see the maps, and also the floorplan of this building, that are further down this page). If you are unsure where certain rooms are, then please visit Reception at the main entrance of the SEE Building. Reception staff can help you to find your way.

Teaching timetables are now available.  Screenshots of these are within the Teaching Timetables section.  They can also be found on the official Online Timetable System .

A full breakdown of the 2023/2024 courses being taught can be found within Current Courses, their assessment deadlines are summarised in Assessment, and the structure of the full academic year can be found in Year Calendars.

Buildings Used For Teaching

You will find that classes are most commonly held in the SEE, Newton, Chapman, Peel and Maxwell buildings.  Occasionally, some other key buildings are also used. Here is a schematic of the positions of these buildings.

Main teaching building (physics)
Most frequently used teaching buildings

The SEE Building, University Maps and Traveling to the University

Floorplan of the SEE Building
Floorplan of the SEE Building
Peel Campus Map 2022 (Salford University)
Peel Campus Map 2022 (Salford University)
Peel Park Accommodation (Salford University)

◊ An Official University Campus Map

◊ Official Advice on Travelling to the University of Salford